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Speed Car Rental Software

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Speed Car Rental Software (CRS)

If you are small car rental with few cars or a big car rental with thousands of cars, Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) can perfectly automate any size of car rental. Whether you belong to US, Japan or Saudi Arabia, no matter Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) can be changed as per your local business requirements. If you are not happy with your existing car rental software; let us work together to find out solution. If you are managing your car rental business manually using paper & Excel; why not to proceed for the automation which can give your business more growth & more control. If you are a new startup car rental; Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) can give you ready-made industry standard automation.

Easy & Comprehensive Car Rental Software

Running a car rental business is not easy & top of it complex car rental system complicates your business further. Definitely an easy comprehensive car rental system can give you a platform for speedy growth with less operating cost. Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) is based on concept “Simplify, Simplify & Simplify”. We simplify our car rental software periodically wherever our customers or we feel complexity. Along with simplicity, we introduce new features periodically to make our  car rental software more & more comprehensive.

Car Rental Software on Mobile

Now days everything can be done on mobile then why not your car rental business on mobile. Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) provides free iOS & Android app. You can open rental agreement on mobile app. You can inspect vehicle through mobile app. You can take damage pictures. You can take customer signature on mobile. Similarly you can perform different other functions on mobile like delivery, collection, vehicle replacement, non-revenue movement, workshop movement.

Car Rental Software In Your Own Language

If your car rental software is not in your language, it may be difficult for you & your staff to operate it. Speed Car Rental Software provides the facility to operate it into your own language. If you don’t like the text of some phrase, you can change it yourself by changing it in system settings. If you don’t find your language, you can contact us to enable your language. 

Paperless Car Rental

It is really cumbersome to save different documents like customer passport, driving license, national id into physical files or computer folders. Similarly whenever you need them, it takes time to retrieve. Sometimes these documents are misplaced too. Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) can electronically store all these documents. Any time, any place you can access them. So your car rental office become paperless & green.

Electronic Rental Agreement with Electronic Signature

You can open rental agreement from Speed – Car Rental Software Mobile App & take customer signature on it. Speed system will email electronic rental agreement to customer & to you. You can print this agreement any time from Speed software. Similarly you can attach signature pad with Speed – Car Rental Software web app & take customer signature on it. In this way, you can reduce or eliminate papers in your office.

Passport & Driving License Electronic Reading

If your rental location is busy especially airport counter, it is time consuming to enter the passport & driving license details manually into car rental software. Speed – Car Rental Software provides the facility to read passport & driving license electronically using special scanners. System will read automatically all the details of passport & driving license. Further it takes the copies (pictures) of the passport & driving licence & store them electronically.

Car Rental Brokers Integration

Speed – Car Rental Software provides facility to interface with car rental brokers. Interface can be simple XML import or full scale API integration. In this way, you can avoid manual entry of rental bookings.