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Speed Car Rental Software

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Speed Car Rental Software (CRS)

Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) is one of the most unique Car Rental software in its Nature, because it is the first Car Rental Software that focuses on Mobility. It lets the users to manage all operations from Mobile as well as from Web. All your operations are in your hands 24*7, because even if you are not available at your office, you can access your Bookings, Rental Agreements and entire Car Rental system from your mobile. This gives you more control on your operations and can have a positive direct impact on your overall profitability.

The second most unique thing about Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) is that it is Multi-Lingual. There are absolutely no language barriers. Whether you are managing your day to day operations or managing your online bookings, you can do it in your own language.

Another unique feature of Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) is that your online Booking Engine is directly connected with your Main Software. All your online bookings will come directly into system, which you can later turn into Rental Agreements. This helps you manage your booking in a flawless manner and in least possible time. As Speed focuses on Mobility, that is why our booking Engines are Mobile friendly, and your customer can make booking using their mobiles.

Operations Visibility

Speed Car Rental Software System provides comprehensive view of car rental operation which helps car rental companies to take right business decisions at right time.

Real time picture of fleet on a single dashboard

  1. Vehicles on Rental
  2. Vehicles on Staff Use
  3. Vehicles in Workshop
  4. Overdue vehicles with customers
  5. Overdue vehicles in Workshop
  6. Vehicles due for service (Periodic Vehicle Maintenance)
  7. Vehicles due for insurance renewal
  8. Vehicles due for registration renewal

Daily Operation Report branch-wise

  1. How many car rental agreements opened
  2. How many car rental agreements closed
  3. How many car rental agreements extended
  4. How many replacements
  5. How many custody movements
  6. How many NRM (Non-Revenue Movements) done like delivery, collection or staff use etc.
  7. How many Garage Movements

Daily Business Report

How much collected in the form of different methods from each branch:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit Card Transactions
  3. Cheques
  4. Bank Transfers

Comprehensive Fleet Utilization Report for better business decisions

Inbuilt Accounting System

Speed system has its own inbuilt accounting system. Any activity on front office has real time impact on financial books. Speed Inbuilt Accounting System provides all types of financial reports like:

  1. Trial Balance
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Profit & Loss Statement
  4. Transaction Journal
  5. Cash Flow Statement

Profitability Analysis

  1. Total revenue on a car
  2. Total expense on a car
  3. How much a particular car generating profit/loss for the company
  4. How much a particular car model generating profit/loss for the company
  5. Revenue estimation (projection) as per current utilization
  6. How much company is making profit/loss on vehicles sale
  7. Profit/loss statement of any branch
  8. Profit/loss statement of the business

Automation of Manual Processes

Speed is not only a system for car rental but also a set of automation of many manual processes like:

  1. Traffic Fines Automation
  2. Toll Automation
  3. Fuel Automation
  4. Vehicle Delivery & Collection Process Automation
  5. Booking Process Automation
  6. Debt Collection Process Automation
  7. Marketing Process Automation
  8. Sales Process Automation
  9. Many more

Industry Standard Processes

Whoever opt for Speed, gets not only a best car rental system but also get many standard inbuilt processes to operate the car rental business with optimal performance. These standard processes are defined & tested over a period of time by the experts of car rental industry. These Industry standard processes helps companies to maximize their revenue & reduce their cost.

User Friendly

Speed rent a car system is highly user friendly just like IPhone, Android Phone or Windows Operating system. In each new version, we specially focus on user friendliness to make simple any part of the system which we feel is difficult for the users. System can be used worldwide with little/no training.


Our system is developed by keeping the Global Car Rental requirements in consideration. This is why our system supports multiple languages.


Speed Car Rental System (CRS) provides many user specific alerts for the timely action to avoid any loss of revenue or to avoid any un-desired expense:

  1. Due Cheques Receivable
  2. Due Cheques Payable
  3. Due Insurance
  4. Due Registration
  5. Over-due vehicles with customers
  6. Over-due vehicles with workshop
  7. Customer Documents
    1. Expiring Passport
    2. Expiring Driving License
    3. Expiring Credit Card
  8. Over-due vehicles with workshop
    1. Oil Change
    2. Tire Change
  9. Many more


Speed system has parametric settings through which system can be configured as per specific car rental business requirements. If configuration does not fulfill the purpose, customization is next option.


Even though Speed as a car rental software system is a feature rich product built over a period of 12 years under the suggestions of many valued customers and car rental software experts, but still we have kept it highly customizable as per specific business requirements of our valued clients.

Big Clientele

Many car rental companies are successfully using our vehicle rental software globally. We hope that in coming future, we shall have the biggest share of the global market.


Customers are assets for us. We put a special focus on support to timely serve our customers. Due to which, we get many orders & referrals from existing customers. Software training & support is provided through:

  1. Dedicated support portal
  2. Dedicated Call Center
  3. Email

Web Services Interface

Speed system has web services interface for the integration with:

  1. SAP
  2. Oracle
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Sage


  1. System is built in Microsoft latest development platform DOTNET
  2. Database server is MS SQL Server

Deployment Options (On-premises or Cloud Based)

As per business requirements, Speed system can be installed & deployed in any of the below forms:

  1. Client on-premises installation
  2. Installation on cloud server

Why to buy Speed

  1. It increases revenue (sales) & decreases your expenses (cost) in vehicle rental operations.
  2. It gives strong visibility of your car rental business for better business decisions.
  3. It gives strong control on your business to generate a ground for expansion with limited resources.
  4. You get standard operating procedures (SOP) in the form of car rental management system.
  5. You get free consultancy for streamlining car rental business if it is required.
  6. A good & quick support.
  7. Working with customers just like partners not just a software vendor. Customers normally discuss their problems with us & we provide them cost effective solutions in latest technologies.