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Automatic Customer & Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Mobile Check-out & Check-in

System (mCC)

Vehicle Mobile Check-out & Check-in System (mCC)

Vehicle Mobile Checkout & Checkin System (mCC) is a new and innovative mobile based vehicle checkout & checkin system which helps you manage your vehicle movement records with 100% accuracy and minimum input. mCC automatically identify vehicle through QR code & reads customer's information from passport. mCC helps fleet owners to have more control on their fleet movements & more control on vehicle damages. mCC keeps the record of all vehicle damages along with pictures. mCC is very easy to use and it requires minimal human interaction to checkout and checkin vehicles.

  • Vehicle Checkout through Mobile
  • Vehicle Checkin through Mobile
  • Vehicle Delivery through Mobile
  • Vehicle Collection through Mobile
  • Customer & Staff Signature on Mobile
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification through QR Code
  • Automatic Customer Information Reading from Passport
  • Vehicle Checklist Maintenance
  • Vehicle Exterior Damages Recording
  • Vehicle Interior Damages Recording
  • Easy Identification of New Damages using different colors
  • Multiple pictures attachment with a single damage
  • Internal Staff Movements Recording
  • Vehicle Damages Removal through Workshop/Garage Movement
  • Automatic Vehicle Checkcard Email to Customer (PDF Format)
  • Automatic Vehicle Checkcard Email to Internal Department (PDF Format)
  • Vehicle Checkcard Reprint & Re-email facility using Web App
  • Keeping the record of vehicles through Web App (Add, Update, Delete, Defleet)
  • Keeping the record of all application users through Web App
  • Vehicles QR Codes Printing through Web App
  • Reporting Engine
  • Complete log of Vehicle Movements
  • Complete log of Vehicle Damages along with pictures
  • Offline Data Entry facility with automatic syncing with server after becoming online
  • Multilingual