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Suitable for Small Car Rental Companies

Speed Car Rental Software (CRS)

Express Edition

Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) Express Edition

Speed Express is small edition of Speed Car Rental System (CRS). It is perfectly suitable for car rental companies with fleet size less than 100 vehicles. This edition can be upgraded any time to Enterprise Edition:

Vehicles Module

  1. Vehicle Masters
    1. Make
    2. Model
    3. Engine Capacity
    4. Vehicle Service Types (Preventive Maintenance)
    5. Vehicles Defect Types (Incidental Maintenance)
  1. Manage Vehicles (Add, Update, Delete)
  2. De-Fleet Vehicles
  3. Operations Dashboard
    1. All Vehicles
    2. Available Vehicles
    3. Vehicles on Agreement
    4. Vehicles on NRM (Staff Use)
    5. Vehicles in Garage
    6. Vehicles Due for Insurance Renewal
    7. Vehicles Due for Registration Renewal
    8. Vehicles Due for Service
    9. Over Due Vehicles with Customers
  1. Vehicle Movement Log
  2. Monthly Report for Daily Vehicle Status
  3. Fleet Utilization Report
  4. Missing Mileage Report
  5. Vehicle-Wise Estimated Revenue (Sales)
  6. Agreement-Wise Estimated Revenue (Sales)
  7. Vehicle Revenue (Sales) Log
  8. Vehicles Revenue Summary
  9. Day Summary

Rental Module

  1. Rental Agreement Opening
  2. Rental Agreement Closing
  3. Rental Agreement Editing
  4. Rental Agreement Cancellation
  5. Agreements Reporting Engine
  6. Agreement Editing Log
  7. Canceled Agreements Report

Movements Module

  1. NRM (Staff Movement) Opening
  2. NRM (Staff Movement) Closing
  3. NRM (Staff Movement) Reporting Engine
  4. Garage Movement Opening
  5. Garage Movement Closing
  6. Garage Movement Reporting Engine
  7. Vehicle Replacement

Customer Module

  1. Customer Accounts Management:
    1. Walk-in Customers (Cash Customers)
    2. Corporate Customer (Credit Customers)
  1. Statement of Account
  2. Outstanding Balances Report

Vouchers Module

  1. Invoices
  2. Debit Note
  3. Credit Note
  4. Receipt Voucher
  5. Refund

Traffic Fines Module

  1. Traffic Fines Entry
  2. Traffic Fines Reporting Engine

Setup Module

  1. Company Details
  2. Control Panel
  3. Employees
  4. User Groups with System Access Rights
  5. Application Users
  6. Change Password
  7. Change System Background