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Suitable for Medium Car Rental Companies

Speed Car Rental Software (CRS)

Enterprise Edition

Speed Car Rental Software (CRS) Enterprise Edition

Speed Enterprise is full edition of Speed Car Rental System (CRS). It is perfectly suitable for medium & big car rental companies.

Rental Module

  1. Rental Agreement Opening
  2. Rental Agreement Extension
  3. Rental Agreement Cut Short
  4. Rental Agreement Closing
  5. Rental Agreement Editing
  6. Rental Agreement Cancellation
  7. Retro Agreement Opening/Closing (Backdated Agreements)
  8. Agreements Reporting Engine to generate reports like:
    1. Agreements opened in a particular period
    2. Agreement closed in a particular period
    3. Agreements opened in a particular branch
    4. Agreements closed in a particular branch
    5. Agreements opened on a particular vehicle
    6. Agreements closed on a particular vehicle
    7. Agreements opened on a particular customer
    8. Agreements closed on a particular customer
    9. Running agreements on a particular period
    10. How many daily rental agreements opened in a particular period
    11. How many weekly rental agreements opened in a particular period
    12. How many monthly rental agreements opened in a particular period
    13. Searching agreement by system generated agreement number or by manual agreement number
    14. Void (Cancelled) Agreements
    15. Edited (Modified) Agreements

Booking Module

  1. Booking Entry
  2. Booking confirmation
  3. Booking modification
  4. Bookings Reporting Engine to generate reports like:
    1. New bookings pending for confirmation
    2. Bookings on a particular vehicle
    3. Bookings on a particular customer
    4. Bookings for a particular branch

Movements Module

  1. Delivery Movement
  2. Collection Movement
  3. Non Revenue Movement (Staff Movement) Opening
  4. Non Revenue Movement (Staff Movement) Closing
  5. Non Revenue Movement (Staff Movement) Editing
  6. Non Revenue Movement (NRM) Reporting Engine
  7. Garage Movement Opening
  8. Garage Movement Closing
  9. Garage Movement Editing
  10. Garage Movement Reporting Engine
  11. Vehicle Replacement
  12. Vehicle Replacement Editing
  13. Vehicle Custody Movement Opening
  14. Vehicle Custody Movement Closing
  15. Vehicle Custody Movement Reporting Engine
  16. Driver Replacement

Vehicles Module

  1. Vehicle Masters
    1. Make
    2. Model
    3. Engine Capacity
    4. Vehicle Service Types (Preventive Maintenance)
    5. Vehicles Defect Types (Incidental Maintenance)
  1. SIPP Codes (ACRISS Codes)
    1. Category
    2. Type
    3. Transmission Drive
    4. Fuel Type/AC
  1. Manage Vehicles
  1. De-Fleet Vehicles

Tariff Module

1. Tariff Groups
2. Tariff Cards
3. Tariff Cards Allocation
4. Promotions Management

Operations Reports

  1. Operations Dashboard
    1. All Vehicles
    2. Available Vehicles
    3. Vehicles on Agreement
    4. Vehicles on NRM (Staff Use)
    5. Vehicles in Garage
    6. Vehicles Due for Insurance Renewal
    7. Vehicles Due for Registration Renewal
    8. Vehicles Due for Service
    9. Over Due Vehicles with Customers
  2. Daily Operation Report branch-wise:
    1. How many agreements opened
    2. How many agreement closed
    3. How many agreement extended
    4. How many replacement
    5. How many custody movements
    6. How many NRM (Non Revenue Movements)
      1. Vehicle Deliveries
      2. Vehicle Collections
      3. Office/Staff Use Vehicle Movements
      4. How many Garage Movements
  3. DBR (Daily Business Report): How much collected in the form of different methods from each branch:
    1. Cash Collections
    2. Credit Card Transactions
    3. Cheques
    4. Bank Transfers
  4. Fleet Utilization Report
  5. Vehicle Movement Log
  6. Monthly Report for Daily Vehicle Status
  7. Missing Mileage Report
  8. Vehicle-Wise Estimated Revenue (Sales)
  9. Agreement-Wise Estimated Revenue (Sales)
  10. Alerts
    1. Due Cheques Receivable
    2. Due Cheques Payable
    3. Due Insurance
    4. Due Registration
    5. Over-due vehicles with customers
    6. Over-due vehicles with workshop
    7. Customer Documents
      1. Expiring Passport
      2. Expiring Driving License
      3. Expiring Credit Card
    8. Due Vehicle Preventive Maintenance like:
      1. Oil Change
      2. Tire Change
  11. Audit Trail
    1. Log of all the entries
    2. Log of all the entries done by a particular user
    3. Log of all the entries done on a particular machine
    4. Details of any entry/transaction
      1. Which date
      2. Who was user
      3. From which machine
    5. Details of all the edit/modification entries
    6. Details of all the cancelled/void entries
    7. Details of all deleted entries (only authorized users can edit/cancel/delete any entry)

Accounts Receivable Module (Customers)

  1. Customer Accounts Management:
    1. Walk-in Customers (Cash Customers)
    2. Corporate Customers (Credit Customers)
  1. Customer Search using
    1. Customer Code
    2. Any part of the Name
    3. Contact Number (Tel/Mob)
    4. Driving License
    5. Passport Number
    6. Any ID maintained in system
  1. Statement of Account (Customer)
  2. Customers Balances Summary (Outstanding/Credit)
  3. Customers Balances as of Date
  4. Receivable Age Analysis Report

Accounts Payable Module (Suppliers)

  1. Suppliers Accounts Management
  2. Supplier Search (using different parameters)
  3. Statement of Account (Supplier)
  4. Suppliers Balances Summary
  5. Payable Age Analysis Report

Employees Module

  1. Employee Accounts Management
  2. Employee Search (using different parameters)
  3. Statement of Account (Employee)

Vouchers Module

  1. Invoices
  2. Debit Note
  3. Credit Note
  4. LPO
  5. Bill
  6. Receipt Voucher
  7. Payment Voucher
  8. Settlement Voucher
  9. JV
  10. Traffic Fines Entry
  11. Traffic Fines Reporting Engine

Setup Module

  1. Company Details
  2. Control Panel
  3. Branches
  4. Departments
  5. User Groups with System Access Rights
  6. Application Users
  7. Change Password
  8. Change System Background