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Car Rental Software Development for Big Car Rentals

If you are a Big Car Rental having thousands of Vehicles in your fleet, and still searching for a software that can be aligned with your growth plans and bring operational efficiency then you are at the right place. Almost all existing Car Rental software vendors are catering the needs of Small and Medium operators with their existing Packages. But when it comes to comprehend operations of big operators, almost all vendors fell short.
Big Car Rentals in the pursuit of automating their operations seek 3 options:

1- Option No 1: Getting the existing available Car Rental Packages

They spend too much money on finding and implementing the existing packages available in the market. But due to diversity of their different operations, lack of available integration options they fail to get the results they are hoping for from the existing vendors.

2- Option No 2: Custom Development from IT Firms   

After they fail to get the results from the existing Packages, they seek the help of IT firms to develop their customized package. But due to lack of domain expertise, and non-existence of any base product, these companies consume so much time to understand the business requirement. And after wasting so much time, they deliver a product which is not in accordance with the operator’s growth plan and does not offer full control of the operations.

3- Option No 3: In-House Development

Another option in this situation would be to develop the Software In-house. But since it’s not their primary line of work, and establishing an experienced software development team and then managing it to deliver results would be not a feasible option under any circumstances.

Speed Auto Systems have realized this market gap, and we came up with a solution to help Big Car Rental companies to get a system that matches their exact requirement. We have introduced a new service of Outsourcing to develop a custom car rental software. Almost a decade of experience in the Car Rental industry gives us a full confidence in this domain. Also we will not be developing the Software from scratch as we have the base systems available. Our existing product set is comprehensive enough to leverage any type of Custom Software development for Car Rental industry.

We provide the experienced team of developers to big operators, who understand how the operations in Car Rental industry work. They will require minimum time to understand and comprehend operations of the big operator and start developing custom build system in least time possible.

Why to outsource to Speed Auto Systems

1- Domain Expertise of the Car Rental Industry

We have more than a decade of experience working in the Car Rental industry. We have served many big clients in automating their operations. We will require least amount of time to develop a comprehensive system according to your exact requirement.

2- We have Base Product Available

We will not start the development from scratch, as we have the base product available for the Car Rental industry.

3- We develop in Latest Technologies

Our developers understand the latest technology trends and all our development is based in latest technologies.

4- Understand the Changing Dynamics of the Industry

We understand that the Car Rental Industry is very dynamic, and the trends are changing. We will keep you up to date by bringing latest software versions.

5- Innovation Based Products

Speed Auto System is based on regular innovation, we work with our customers to understand their challenges and solver them by bringing innovation.

6- Comprehensive Product Set

We have a comprehensive product set to complement the Car Rental Software.